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Why Breakfast is Important – Rise And Dine!

The Importance of Breakfast for Seniors

I am sure everyone has heard the phrase: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well its true! Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, no matter your age. However, senior adults have a greater risk for health issues such as fatigue, malnutrition, and damaged metabolism. A hearty breakfast can help seniors balance their metabolism and gain energy for adults to function throughout the day. Here are some options for a healthy breakfast and helpful tips.

Healthy Breakfast Meals

  • Eggs have many health benefits. They are rich in high-quality protein as well as B vitamins, selenium, vitamin D and minerals. There are several easy ways you can cook eggs scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, and baked eggs.
  • Greek Yogurt is a quick, easy and satisfying breakfast. Greek yogurt is full of protein it can also help you feel full and prevents an energy crash. To make your Greek yogurt burst with flavor you can make Greek yogurt parfaits by adding your choice of nuts, granola, and fresh fruits.
  • Seniors who have difficulty chewing can benefit from using their blender to make easy and delicious smoothies. Breakfast smoothies are great for seniors who aren’t hungry first thing in the morning. Smoothies are made with vegetable’s, fresh fruits, yogurt or milk, and any other add-ins such as protein powder.
  • Make sure you are adding a rainbow of colors in your breakfast plate. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be added with oatmeal or cereal, and pair with eggs or toast.
  • Breakfast cereal has been everyone’s morning meal for decades. Many cereals contain a multitude of vitamins, whole grains and minerals. Cereal has always been the fastest, easiest breakfast meal. However, it is important to be cautious and read the nutrition label. Look for cereals that have less than 5-10 grams of sugar per serving, as well as three or more grams in fiber.

Helpful Tips

  • Seniors who eat with a friend, family member, or Home Health Aide are more likely to eat the meal they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • If your loved one needs assistance with daily activities such as nutritious meal preparation, feel free to contact us by phone or email
  • Seniors require less calorie intake than younger individuals
  • Seniors are likely to eat meals if they are served in small portions

Making sure that our seniors have a healthy breakfast everyday can improve their lifespan and tremendously decrease their health conditions. By preparing quick and easy breakfast meals, seniors will enjoy knowing they will have energy throughout the day to take part in their favorite daily activities.

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